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Welcome to Morada Group!

Our history is connected to the earth, nature and the life in the countryside.

The Morada Group was born out of the unity of three companies:


Fazenda Morada da Prata

Specialty Coffee


Sítio Caju

Residential rural development

It is a group dedicated to quality agricultural production and the conservation of nature. Get to know more about our companies.


Fazenda Morada da Prata

Specialty Coffees

Batatais, São Paulo, Brazil

Under the Dumont Adams family care, that for five generations has been working with coffee, Fazenda Morada da Prata is proud to present excellent quality coffee and, at the same time, committed to rescuing and protecting the culture and nature in its region. The farm is located in Batatais, in the Alta Mogiana region in São Paulo at 850m above sea level, at the edge of a valley with a very particular microclimate. A perfect terroir united to a generational passion for coffee and a centuries old dedication to the fruit create an exceptional cup of coffee and stories of love and affection.


Sítio Caju

Rural development

Delfinópolis, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Located on the edge of the Peixoto River Dam, by the magnificent Serra da Canastra National Park in Delfinópolis, Minas Gerais, Sítio Caju is a rural residential condominium with all the structure necessary for pleasant living. A place full of peace and adventure, on a nature-dense peninsula.

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